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A bright, white smile can make all the difference when it comes to first impressions. At Pristine, we offer at-home teeth whitening as well as in-office whitening treatments that are designed to improve the colour and appearance of your teeth and help you feel confident about your smile.

If you are interested in teeth whitening, please explore the information below and/or contact us today to schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentists.

Missing Teeth

What are dental implants?

If you have missing teeth, Pristine Dental can restore both function and appearance with dental implants. An alternative to traditional tooth restoration options, dental implants can offer a more permanent and natural solution to enhance your smile and improve chewing and speaking.

Unlike conventional crowns, bridges, and dentures, dental implants are supported by a titanium post placed into the bone, making them a permanent part of your mouth and mimicking your natural teeth in the way they look and feel. They do not move or slip along the gumline, and they require no extra maintenance beyond regular brushing and flossing.

Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are typically the result of worn tooth enamel or exposed tooth roots. Sometimes, however, tooth discomfort is caused by other factors, such as a cavity, a cracked or chipped tooth, a worn filling, or gum disease. If you pass on hot or cold drinks because you know they’ll make your teeth hurt, it may be time to talk to your dentist about the possibility that you have sensitive teeth.

Sometimes other things can aggravate them, too, like sweet and sour foods or even cold air.

To be able to treat these tooth twinges, it helps to know what might be behind them. Once you’ve nailed down the cause, you can find a solution.

Take care of your enamel

That’s a hard, protective layer that helps your teeth deal with everything you put them through. When it’s gone, nerve endings that cause pain are exposed.

If you have sensitive teeth, it’s possible some of your enamel has worn away.

To prevent or put the brakes on that damage:

Don’t brush too hard. Do you clean your teeth with a heavy hand? You might be taking off more than just plaque. Side-to-side brushing right at the gum line can make your enamel go away faster. You should use a soft-bristled brush and work at a 45-degree angle to your gum to keep enamel clean and strong.

Crooked Teeth


At Pristine Dental, we understand our patients have different lifestyles and needs, so we offer Traditional Braces to help make aligning your smile easier and more convenient at any age.

Why are crooked teeth a problem?

The alignment of your teeth goes beyond aesthetics, and affects the overall health of your mouth and body. Your bite, or the way your teeth fit together, affects how you chew, speak, and the longevity of your teeth.

Common reasons to seek orthodontic care are reduced confidence in your smile, jaw pain, chipped teeth, or hard to floss areas. Often these can indicate address malocclusion that can lead to abnormal amounts of stress on teeth.

If left untreated, this stress can lead to enamel erosion, root damage, periodontal disease, and chipped teeth.

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